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We provide a liquid grip aid similar to chalk, without the messiness. Our formula was specifically designed to help people have dry hands, repel sweat and perspiration in their hand grip, so that you can continue that last set of reps, climb that last wall, execute that newest pole trick, or hit another round of golf.  

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Did You Know?

Sweaty hands are more likely to occur when we feel stress and anxiety, rather than elevated body temperature? Our liquid grip aid was designed to help you repel moisture in your hands, giving you the advantage to continue that newest pole trick with dry hands, beat your opponent in the last round of tennis, and go beyond your comfort zone and know that you will have the ability to hold better and longer with a better hand grip

What Is It?

Better Grip is a liquid grip aid that enhances your performance in activities or sports by repelling perspiration and moisture, specifically sweaty hands.  Our goal is for you to have dry hands, and a better hand grip in any activity.

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